Avoid Holiday Hazards – Keep Your Pet Safe

Having visitors can spell trouble for your pet. The best way to avoid holiday hazards is to be prepared for what you know may happen. Imagine keeping your pet safe from guest sneaking them human treats and threatening their health and not make that first person feel bad.What Are the 3 Hazards?1. Visitors tend to feed your pet people food.
2. They think a little won’t hurt, what you don’t know won’t hurt you.
3. Visitors tend to have items in their coats and bags that pets love to dig for.

Ask yourself this question, what do I need to know to keep my pet safe from this?The Action Plan1) Included with the people food include a fancy candy dish for pets.
2) Include pet treats with a note advising guest to feed pets these treats only.
3) This takes the heat off you guest, no one like to eat with a pet begging.
4) Buy the mini treats.
5) Don’t fill the dish only add four or five treats.
6) This sends a message that the pets have been receiving treats.
7) This helps insure guest don’t feed the pets to much.
8) Make certain to hang coats and bags in a closet out of pets reach.
9) If you run out of closet space take them to a room that can be closed off.You’re smart enough to know these situation will arise and there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a great and relaxing visit with you guest. Avoid the stress of the holiday by practicing these easy and sensible hints to keep you pet safe and your guest comfortable.

Visualize your family and friends kicking back and sharing warm winter moments all the while keeping your pet healthy and happy and all in the comfort of your home. How are you going to do this?Knowledge 1) Be apart of the solution and be a responsible pet owner!
2) Learn common sense methods just as the ones above.
3) Plan party and events with your pet in mind.
4) Continue your training efforts with your pet to insure a pleasant holiday.